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Nkosi Siphe’ amandla

Nksoi Siphe’ amandla Soloist – Kate Farquharson God give us strength to succeed on our road We will succeed, we...


“Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination.” ― Astrid Lindgren


Live CTYC performance in Schloss Portia, Spittal an de Drau on 6 July 2019.

Sign up for Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir!

Submission deadline is 27 June! Head over to now to find out more and sign up. Not sure what, exactly, makes...

The neuroscience of singing

“… when we sing our neurotransmitters connect in new and different ways. It fires up the right temporal lobe of...

Choir as described by Michael Scott

Choir as described by Michael Scott

Birdsongs (and some ducks and cows)

“I dread the extinction of boys’ choirs”

From: The Spectator, UK. Written by Ysenda Maxtone Graham Read the original article here   The unsayable truth is that...

Studying music is “essential for all”

An article titled “Why one school board believes studying music is essential for all” appeared on the CBC Radio (Canada)...

Lux – Light

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – James Keller   “Nothing can dim the light which shines from...

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