The Cape Town Youth Choir does not have a formal audition period. We are open to good singers joining the choir throughout the year.

We are always looking for true “choir geeks” to join us: singers who strive to “acquire Kung Fu” and wish to be part of a group of like minded people.

Audition process

The CTYC audition process is a multi step process:


A vocal audition is done either in person or via WhatsApp. Your vocal abilities are assessed and we make a determination if what you offer matches what we need at that point in time.


If you pass this audition, you need to learn your voice part (i.e. soprano, alto, tenor or bass) of Edward Elgar’s “They are at rest” on your own. We provide voice part mp3’s if you need help with this. At your first rehearsal with the choir (or soon after that) you are tested on that piece of music.

We can only function if every choir member accepts full responsibility for his/her role in the choir.

We do not believe in “spoon feeding” our choir members. Rehearsals are not primarily there to learn new notes; we do spend some time on learning notes, but we try to keep it to a minimum. This requires choir members to sharpen their sight reading and aural skills and to prepare for and fully participate during rehearsals.


The conductor regularly asks the choir members to send him WhatsApp voice notes or videos of themselves singing extracts from the choir’s repertoire. This is to ensure that no-one falls behind.

Step 1

(all singing to be done a Capella!)

Record a video(s) of yourself doing the following:

  1. Sing three major scales and one minor scale. Your voice group will determine which scales you need to sing. Click here for the list of scales as well as to download mp3 files that will help you learn the scales.
  2. Sing an unaccompanied song of your own choice. If you do not know what to choose, you can sing the Christmas carol, Silent Night.

Send the videos of you singing the scales and the unaccompanied song via WhatsApp to (+27) 79 894 5393 or send a link to the videos to

(Please note that this phone number is only monitored in the evenings. Please do not call the number, only send WhatsApp or sms messages.)

You can also make an appointment for a live audition by sending an email to

Step 2

If you pass the step 1 audition you need to learn your voice part of “They are at rest” by Edward Elgar.

Click here to download the sheet music.

Links to voice part mp3s for They are at rest: