Studying music is “essential for all”

An article titled “Why one school board believes studying music is essential for all” appeared on the CBC Radio (Canada) website on 18 March 2018:

Author: David Gutnick

Some excerpts:

“We believe that they need to have music and the arts as much as they need math and science, as much as they need literature, French language — whatever interests these children have,” Holland said.

“Every time there is a change in political parties there could be a different mantra, and sometimes it is we expect you to do more with less,” said Holland, a lifelong citizen of Windsor.

“Well, to me, growing up as the daughter of an autoworker, that was always the challenge. But my mom and dad never said you have to do more with less. They said we are going to do better with what we have.”

“I always tell the kids, ‘Who knows what you are going to be doing in the future,'” says Zanier. “But when you are creative, when you can work independently, and you are self-disciplined and you can work as a team, you are going to do great whatever you do.”

“That,” says Zanier, “is the beauty of music education.”

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