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Hosting the Horizons Project Choir

Saturday 10 June


Venue: Erin Hall, 8 Erin Road, Rondebosch

Tickets available at the door: R100

Seats are unreserved – only  100 seats available!

(CTYC will NOT be performing with our guests)

The Horizons Project Choir is a Pretoria based chamber choir which specializes in the performance of choral music written by young South African composers. The aim of the Horizons Project is not simply to stimulate the creation of new South African choral music; but to stimulate the creation of a new generation of South African choral composers. We have 2 projects a year, each one focusing on a different genre of choral compositions.

The Choir consists of 24 hand-picked singers. Inviting specific ‘head-hunted’ singers to join the choir and not just having open public auditions, allows us to hold an extremely high level of musicianship, technical ability and an exclusivity that makes our sound unique. The choir is conducted and directed by Pieter Bezuidenhout

Baxter Concert Hall

Wednesday 23 August

(more information available at end of June)

CTYC presents: “The choral music of Hendrik Hofmeyr”.

To celebrate the 60th birthday of one of South Africa’s most celebrated composers, CTYC presents a selection of their favourite Hofmeyr choral compositions. This will be a concert for the connoisseur – certainly not to be missed!